Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Just How I Feel

I really love The Wiz! It is a shining example of Black creativity and art. It references cultural nuances that permeate my life. It retells the Wizard of Oz and relates it to the Black experience in a brilliant fashion. The original already has a strong political and social commentary, but the former is more relevant to my experience. Cabs that don't stop. Dancing graffiti. Crazy ass subway. Soulful crows. And Richard Pryor. Nuff' said. It also has protruding elements of positive thinking, which i think is interesting...that piece doesn't translate well into the Black experience. We(black folks and other folks of color) know that its more complicated than just willing your way into anything. But I found this political interpretation of the original characters that I found insightful and thought to myself how it would look for The Wiz. I don't have any thoughts yet, but maybe y'all do. Feel free to comment.

Dorothy: America, with its traditional values
Toto: Prohibitionist party (also called Teetotalers)
Scarecrow: western farmers
Tin Woodsman: industrial workers
Cowardly Lion: William Jennings Bryan
Munchkins: Citizens of the East
The Lollipop Guild: National Labor Union [Note: The Lollipop Guild does not appear in the book (see Chapter 2: The Council with Munchkins), only the 1939 movie by MGM.]
Wicked Witch of the East: Grover Cleveland
Wicked Witch of the West: William McKinley
Wizard: Marcus Alonzo Hanna
Oz: abbreviation for ounce of silver or gold
Yellow Brick Road: Gold Standard, established by William McKinley
Cyclone: economic panic following the Dust Bowl
Winged Monkeys: Plains Indians
Emerald City: Washington, D.C.
Emerald Palace: The White House
Silver Slippers: The silver coin system: Free Silver
Monkeys: child labor
Poppy Field: Rise of the Opium trade ring

Here's a little treat to help you get through the day:
Diana Ross & Michael Jackson - Ease On Down The Road

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Soul Glo Party

Enjoy the musical musings courtesy of DJ Flaco from our last installment!

Soul Glo Set Part 1- DJ Flaco

Soul Glo Set Part 2- DJ Flaco

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The Listening

I don't have much to say these days. I'm relatively happy. But I have to share that I've been listening to some amazing music lately. And I believe it is partially responsible for my happiness. Here are three albums(courtesy of Okayplayer.com) worth integrating into your life:

The Green Album
Appropriately timed, right on the heels of Al Green's new release Lay It Down, comes The Green Album put together by Omer Saar of UniverSOUL Productions. Using acapellas from MF Doom, Biggie, Jay Z, and De La Soul among others, Omer mashes up some of hip-hop's best with classic Al Green tracks. See after the click, where you can view the tracklisting before you download.

Wale: Mixtape About Nothing
Inspired by the Larry David produced 90s sitcom Seinfeld, Wale drops The Mixtape About Nothing today, mixed by Nick Catchdubs and presented by 10 Deep. Wale includes his Roots hit "Rising Up," also featuring Chrisette Michele, as the #2 joint on this mix. Good taste! The whole mixtape is hot, so download c/o elitaste and let that go-go inspired hip-hop hit you in the head.

Wayna - Higher Ground
.... the soulfully sophisticated sounds of Ethiopian-born, Maryland-based singer/songwriter Wayna’s new album Higher Ground might be so slick that no special dexterity be required to achieve auricular penetration. But once its sonics saturate your insides even the creakiest of joints should feel well lubricated and the many irritating frictions of life smooth to the touch...

(All text courtesy of Okayplayer.com)

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Throwback Thursday

Patra feat. Yo-Yo - Romantic Call

Notes: 1. Reggae videos from this era really exposed the world to dancehall choreography and movement vocabulary, truly impactful work. 2. This song/video captures the natural relationship between dancehall and hip hop. We know there were influences from the infancy of hip hop, but seeing the collaboration here, makes it more palpable. Gyals whinin', 6-4s and motorcycles--classic! 3. The tune is dope, hip hop inspired riddim with a great narrative to boot. Patra is in full form: raw, fly and unapologetic. 4. TUPAC is in the video!! Nuff said.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Xaymaca: An Experience Part II
As promised I'm sharing few more snapshots from my visit to da Yard. Enjoy!

Da Yout' tryin' ta fool me..

Dunn's River Falls

Dunn's River Falls fa' real! Dope experience.

Only cuz he got peeling skills...Peruvian-style

Teachin' da youts how to mural...

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Quote of the Week
"I'm gonna give'em all money to buy tickets to Jerusalem so they can go bathe in the river Jordan, cuz they crazy!" (c) Ray Jean Knight

**My G-Mama in reference to my family's dysfuntionality. I love that woman...a true healer with a prescription.
Throwback Thursday

Chuck Brown - Bustin' Loose

Notes: 1. I love Go-Go and this is a seminal cut by the Godfather of Go-Go, Chuck Brown. This track essential birthed a new genre. 2. The video isn't the best(layers and superimposition withstanding), but everybody is jammin', its a reminder of a time when dancing was popular among both men and women. 3. Undercelebrated, never duplicated, Chuck Brown(and Go-Go) remain fairly obscure. But this video is a time capsule of a genre still waiting to be properly honored--here's to posthumousity.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Throwback Thursday

Lo-Key - I Got A Thang 4 Ya

Notes: 1. Mature and sexy...totally appropriate. 2. When Take 6 meets H-town. 3. Video(artistic direction) definitely captures the period a la BBD 4. The outro is bananas! Great vocal dexterity.